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Are you Classic, Boho, Rock Chick or Feminine?  


If you have never given much thought to your personal style, a 'Define Your Style' service is a good place to start.  Kim will go through a series of short exercises with you in the comfort of your home to determine your personal style.  This service also includes a 'Measure Up' and 'Body Shape Typing'.


One-hour session: $110.




Ever notice how some colours bring you to life while others completely wash you out?  That is because our unique skin, eye and hair lend themselves to a specific colour palette.  Kim will use special 'draping techniques' to determine your colour 'season' and colour palette, including your best hair colour, lipstick and eyeshadow. This  service is performed at your home.


One-hour session: $110.




This service is ideal if you need help with everyday make-up techniques and hairstyles.  


Kim will come to your home and give you instructions on how to wear make-up.  She'll also recommend the best products for you.


The service also includes advice on hair styles and colours to suit your face shape, personality and age. (You'll then be able to take pictures and instructions to your hairdresser).


One-hour session: $110.




This service is performed after a shop. 


Kim will come to your house and show you how to integrate your new clothes with your existing  wardrobe. She will teach you how to put outfits together and accessorise for different occassions (ie casual, smart casual, after five). Kim will then take photos of your outfits for you to keep as a reference.


Two-hour session: $220.



Most Popular Services....





A wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear?  It is such a common scenario. Most of the time it is beacuse your true gems are hidden among a clutter of disorganised mess.  


Kim can come to your home, measure you up, discuss your body shape and styles best suited to you.  Then she will help you sort through your wardrobe, keeping only the clothes that are most flattering and suit your personal style.


She then will help you rearrange your clothes in an order that makes getting dressed in the morning a breeze!


Two-hour session: $220.


Perfect for mother and daughter or best friends.  Two people maximum.

Two hour session: $330 (Every additional hour $100)




If you want to feel like a celebrity for a day, a personal shop is the way to go.


This one-on-one service is usually performed at Chadstone.  After  a brief measure-up and survey, Kim will guide you through the shops... making style recommendations based on your body shape, personality, age, lifestyle and budget.  


Two-hour minimum: $220. (Every additonal hour: $100.)




A two-day service that includes your wardrobe audit and three-hour shop.  Perfect if you need a good clean out and refresh!


Package deal: $500. 





This three-day service is the best option for someone wanting to completely ‘makeover’ their look.


Includes defining your style, colour analysis, hair and make-up tutorial, wardrobe audit and three-hour shop, plus a two-hour post-shop styling session to help blend your new purchases in with your current wardrobe. This will teach you how to mix and match clothing items, shoes and accessories.


Package deal: $850.



Perfect for a 'Girls' Night In', birthday party or bridal shower...


Get a group of friends together and learn about your individual body shapes and how to dress stylishly.  Learn about the importance of choosing the right colours, as well as basic hair and make-up techniques.


Minimum of six people: $50 per person.


Do you live outside Melbourne or prefer to do your learning in the comfort of your home?  Just send Kim a couple of recent photo's and complete her styling questionnaire and she will send you a personalised, online style package.  You will learn your body shape,  receive examples of the styles that will flatter it and a list of stores to source them.  You will also receive a personalised colour guide and any other specific style advice you have requested on your questionnaire.  All without leaving the house!




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