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"I was a slightly overweight child who was teased at primary school.  In my early teens, I started playing sport and transformed myself into an elite athlete.  People began treating me differently, but - more importantly - the way I felt about myself improved.

'After having children I gained 30kg's and went up three dress sizes.  Although I was grateful for what my body was able to provide me in the way of three beautiful, healthy human beings, my physical transformation left me feeling depressed and lacking in energy and confidence.

'So I embarked on a journey of regaining my health and fitness.  I joined a gym again and followed a healthy eating plan and, eventually, I looked and felt like the me I wanted to be.

'The next step was to clean out my wardrobe of the "cover-up" clothes I'd been living in and hit the shops to pick out styles that flattered my new shape and made me feel confident, sexy and attractive again.

'I will always believe that a person's generosity is their most defining characteristic, however, there is no doubt that when you look great, you feel great. 

 I became a certified Personal Stylist through the Professional Styling Academy and now I am living my dream of empowering women through style.






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