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Shopping on a budget


This is a two part blog on how to look fabulous on a budget. I have to admit, I've never been the best bargain shopper. I blame my mother (as we all do) for my expensive taste in clothing. She raised me to believe that the more expensive an item, the better the fit, the longer it would last and the nicer it was. I have to make it clear at this point, my family have never been wealthy, but when it came to clothes Mum would lay-by for weeks or months if she had to. Now, as a personal stylist I realise that cheeper clothing can still fit you well and look just as fantastic as something three times as expensive. Yes, you may have to search a little harder sometimes for the perfect piece, but when you style it right no one would know the difference. So I set off on a mission to find some new clothes with a budget of $100. I limited myself to Target and Big W. I scrummaged through to find pieces that I loved and knew I would be able to style with items I already have in my wardrobe (part two of this blog). The following photos are of clothing that I found and tried on. Next week I will show you what I bought and how I styled them. Enjoy! xx These photo's are all changing room selfies so please forgive the quality of the shot and the messy background! Target: Lace vest $30, lace kimono $35, red trench $69, red culottes $89 (not a real bargain, but very nice), grey dress with lace trim $30, green/grey singlet $15, white swing top with lace trim $40, navy vest dress worn two ways $49, black play suit $40, black and white striped dress $30 (sale). Big W: Emerson waterfall jacket with fo-leather sleeves $49, Peter Morrissey red dress $15 (sale), Emerson sleeveless chambray shirt $20, Lee Cooper white distressed boyfriend jeans $20 (sale), Lee Cooper long sleeved chambray shirt $15 (sale), Peter Morrissey black jumpsuit $39, Peter Morrissey green skirt $29, Peter Morrissey Black top $29.

Kim Kennedy Personal styling


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