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Satisfied Customers

Lauren, mother of three

"Thank you so much Kim for your warm, caring and gentle approach to helping me look and feel fabulous! I came into our styling session not knowing what I was in for and I left with total gratitude.  I loved every minute of our time together and still feel excited when I put on one of my new outfits before heading to work.


My business is all about personal brand and you have made me look the way I always felt on the inside.


I get continuous comments on the way I look but the biggest thing you did for me was getting me to walk out the door with complete confidence.


I would recommend your service to everyone.  we all need a boost of confidence every now and again!"

Chloe, 21

 "Thank you Kim for your guidence, support and positivity over the past two days.


I was fortunate enough to receive your vouchers for my 21st birthday and you certainly made me feel special and comfortable while with you.


Going shopping was such fun.  I was amazed how you were able to pick clothes out and they looked fab first go!


I now know which styles and colours suit me which will make going shopping easier in the future.  I also learnt how to do my make-up and hair which will help me look forward to going out rather than dreading it.


I now feel confident knowing I look my age instead of a 15 year old girl.


Anyone who is thinking of using a Kim Kennedy Personal Styling service should go for it.  She will make you feel wonderful and special while having a great time."

Ilme, mother and grandmother

Ilme ordered a wardrobe audit as she already had a lot of clothes but wasnt sure which ones suited her best or which styles she should avoid.


After our two hour session Ilme's wardrobe was decluttered and she felt confident she knew which styles flattered her body shape and how to put the right outfits together.



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